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Here you will find links to information about different sleep disorders, ongoing research, national organizations, patient support groups, literature and much more.


As with most information on the Internet, caution is advised. We have not reviewed all the information available on these sites.


Starting Points
National Sleep Foundation
The Sleep Medicine Home Page


National Institutes of Health
American Academy of Sleep Medicine
American Board of Sleep Medicine
American Sleep Apnea Association


Other Links
Stanford Center for Narcolepsy


Clinical Specialists

Clinical Specialists provide our organization the opportunity to demonstrate our diversified approach to the treatment of sleep disorders. Click on the links to see how the Kentucky Sleep Society keeps you informed of treatment options. For more information click on the link to their website:


Owensboro Dental Sleep Medicine

Dr Joseph H Higgison, DMD, MSO


Lexington Clinic ENT Surgery


Louisville Dental Sleep Medicine

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